09 December, 2009


My appointment was early this morning, and I ran up through the hills to Hadassah hospital, late as usual. It only took 22 minutes door to door today – I must be getting fitter!

There they took less than 2 minutes to snip off the elastic bands [braces still stay on for a while longer, not sure why] and sent me home to practice talking and eating.

So far I cannot open my mouth very wide – brushing my teeth hurt - but I can open it, and I don’t appear crooked. [Unlike my vet, who put the fear of god into me with his stories of what happened to him when he broke his jaw… wish he’d just stuck to his usual sexual boasting, which drives me crazy enough… ]

Best of all, my voice is my own. I walked back down the hill, laughing and crying, maybe more crying than laughing, that this phase is over and I can worry about coaching my facial nerve back to life and what to do abt my misaligned teeth when I’m in Sydney. Am so looking forward to that long hot Christmas holiday talking with my family and friends. And kissing my beautiful new nephew. [The physiotherapist is right, kissing is better exercise than blowing up balloons.] Alright, maybe I’ll talk to my nephew too.

Am stewing apples, still in tears every so often. Anything can set me off - Answering [!] the phone, a lick from one of the dogs. I am very emotional today. But so far, it all seems good :-))))))